Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan Areas

The Anglo-American School of Moscow completed their most recent strategic plan in June 2016. This strategic plan was created as a living document to provide direction and establish clear goals for the Anglo-American School of Moscow for the period 2011-2016. Overall, strategic planning is undertaken to ensure that the school is equipped and prepared to fulfill its essential mission of providing an outstanding education to children in the English-speaking international communities of Moscow. For the period 2011-2016, the plan had three strategies for constant improvement:

  • Learning: to deliver a challenging curriculum and nurturing programs to assure that each child achieves academic and holistic excellence.
  • Systems: to establish the means to align processes and systems to each other and to our vision and mission.
  • Commitment and Communications: to establish the means necessary for the entire AAS community to embrace our vision in the realization of our mission.

With the completion of the prior strategic plan, the board has undertaken a more mature and incremental approach to strategic planning and focuses on co-existing strategy plans working toward design and implementation on their own time scale as assocated with the level of adaptive change involved in the process.  To that end, the board authorized design work to commence on one strategy plan during the final year of the prior strategic plan, in essence allowing a "think tank" of staff experts to consider next steps.  The result was the adoption of a new strategic focus for 2016-2019 under the banner of "Learning at AAS."


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