AASSP Admissions FAQs

When should I start the application process?

We recommend you submit your application in January/February, in order to join us for the start of the next academic year in August. If you are planning to join AASSP in the course of the academic year, please submit your application as soon as possible.

My family will be moving to St. Petersburg mid-way through the academic year. Can we join AASSP at that point, or do we have to wait for the start of the next semester?

Providing there are spaces in the relevant grade, you can join at any point during the academic year. However, High School students may find it preferable to move at the Quarter/Semester breaks to ensure that they are given credit for any partial courses they have attended at previous schools.

Is education free for US citizens at AASSP?

AASSP is a fee-paying school. This applies to all students, irrespective of citizenship. Fees will depend on the grade level and the time of year you enroll. Please contact the Admissions department for specific information.

My child will turn five on 10th September. As he only misses your cut-off date by a few days, can he be enrolled in your Kindergarten class?

No. In our Kindergarten class, we observe our 1st September cut-off date strictly. There are no exceptions to this policy.

I am not familiar with your class numbering system. What grade should my child apply for?

Please click here for a comparative table of English, Scottish and US class designations. This table also shows age guidelines for each grade level.

I am bringing my family out to St. Petersburg for a recce visit, prior to accepting a new posting. Can we call in on the school for a tour when we have a break in our schedule?

We will be happy to show you round our school, but you do need to 'phone us and make an appointment first.

My family is transferring from Korea. My child will complete Grade 2 in February. Can he enter Grade 3 when we come to St. Petersburg in March?

When students transfer to us from a country where the academic year runs from January – December, our policy is to place them in the grade just completed. However, if the Principal deems it appropriate, he may decide to administer assessment tests in the core subject areas, to see if the student is ready for promotion to the grade level above.

I am being posted to St. Petersburg by the US State department. Do I need to submit applications for my children in advance or can I just enroll them when we arrive in St. Petersburg?

AASSP was founded by the Embassies of Canada, the UK and the US, and children of diplomatically accredited employees of these three embassies are given admissions priority with our school. We will hold places for you in the relevant grades, but you do need to complete the admissions process in the same way as every other applicant. Please contact us as soon as you know that you will be moving to St. Petersburg.

We are applying for new passports. Should I wait until we get them, before sending in my child’s application?

No. While it is always preferable if you can send us a complete set of application documents immediately, you may send us your passport copies or the health documentation at a later date if you do not have them now.

My child has a US passport. Does that mean she gets Category 2 status?

Not necessarily. BOTH the applicant AND at least one parent must hold American, British, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand passports in order to be eligible for Category 2 status.

My whole family are Permanent Residents in Canada. Does that give us Category 2 status?

Unfortunately not. You must hold full citizenship in order to be considered as Category 2 applicants.

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