AAS-SP High School

Guiding Principles

As a High School that is proud of its international community, we strive to provide an education that cherishes and also challenges our students’ attitudes and values. Through unique projects and extra-curricular activities, we aim to provide our students with significant opportunities to lead and to serve.

Our team of teachers believes that the High School program:

  • Encourages students to develop in a positive and enthusiastic environment, taking responsibility for their own learning
  • Develops students' abilities both academic and social, providing each student with the skills necessary to function in a modern, ever changing world
  • Welcomes and cherishes cultural diversity, appreciating the benefits that an international education can offer
  • Fosters a desire to always seek the highest standards in both the individual and the community
  • Follows a rigorous curriculum that harnesses the best aspects of European and North American standards
  • Emphasizes the core subjects of Math, Science, English and Social Studies whilst offering a range of Elective subjects in the Humanities, Technology and the Arts
  • Adapts to the abilities and requirements of every student and, if necessary, develops a modified program according to individual needs
  • Challenges students to pursue higher education, offering Advanced Placement (AP) courses, as well as giving assistance in SAT preparation and the university application process

Graduation Requirements

Subject area


Required credits

Total   26 credits
English   4 credits
Mathematics   4 credits
Social Studies   4 credits
Science   4 credits
Foreign Language   3 credits
Physical Education   2 credits
Technology   1 credit
Electives   4 credits







Click here for a glossary of AAS acronyms that you may find helpful when learning about our school.

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