Accessing Report Cards with NetClassroom

To download a flyer with this information, please click here.

1.  Go to In the top right corner, you will see a spot to type in your username and password (two boxes with "Username" and a series of dots, in between "Quicklinks" and "Login"). Your username is the number on the front of your ID badge, preceded by “P-“. 

If you have forgotten your Penguin Portal login, you can create a new password by clicking this link: Log In to My Penguin Portal/Password Reminder. When you click “Forgotten Password”, you can enter your email address and the password reset link will be emailed to you.


2. You are now logged into your Penguin Portal, which has lots of information about what’s going on at AAS. Click the “NetClassroom” link right under your child’s name.


3. If you have more than one child at AAS, click the down arrow under "Show For" to select the child you would like to view. In the green menu at the top of the page, you will see the “Grades” tab. Click the pull-down arrow next to “Grades”, then click on “Report Card”.


4. You will receive the following message. If your child's report card doesn't pop up, please use the "Click Here" link.


5. Your child's report card will look like this.


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