Substituting at AAS

We would like to thank the many substitutes who contribute to the learning success of our students! 

What does a substitute do? 

Substitutes are expected to fulfill the daily duties and responsibilities of the absent staff member. Substitute teachers are expected to follow instructions left by the absent classroom teacher, while substitute teaching assistants and office staff work alongside a teacher or other office employees who provide instruction and guidance to complete the necessary tasks. At AAS, we have the following categories of substitutes:

- Substitute Teachers
- Substitute Teaching Assistants, and
- Substitute Office Staff

Substitutes can be categorized as long-term or short-term. Long-term is defined as an assignment which lasts ten consecutive days or longer.

Substitutes are not employees. An AAS identification badge, if issued, is AAS property and may be revoked at any time without explanation. Substitutes may decide to remove their names from the authorized substitute list at any time without prior notice. Likewise, AAS may remove a substitute from the list at-will, without prior notice or explanation. 

What qualifications and experience are required?  

All applicants should have completed an undergraduate college degree program (bachelor’s degree). In addition, we prefer that substitute teachers and teaching assistants have some experience teaching in a K-12 school environment. Certification is preferred, but not required. Fluent English is required.

How are substitutes selected?  

Once we receive an application, the human resources division reviews the application to ensure the basic qualifications are met.   We also conduct reference checks and verify the applicant’s employment history.

Applicants are then interviewed by at least one principal and by the human resources director or the substitute coordinator. Approved candidates are then placed on our substitute call list after participating in training and orientation sessions.

Teachers and principals have the option to request a substitute of their preference when planning for a staff member’s absence. Other factors that may affect how frequently a substitute is called to work include:

- The number and type (subject area/grade level) of staff member absences
- The time/availability/prior notification preferences that a substitute has stated (substitutes are able to specify how many days’ or hours’ of advance notice they require; days or weeks of availability or non-availability, etc)
- The location of the substitute’s residence.   Substitutes who live nearby the school are likely to be called more often, due to the short travel time required to get to AAS.

Application Process

1. Click "Apply Now" to submit an online application*.

2. Attach following documents to your online application (or send via email or provide in person):

     a. Passport

     b. Visa (if applicable) 

     c. Registration

     d. Diplomas & certificates

     e. Anketa (required only for Russian applicants).


After you have filled out these forms, please attach them to your online application or email to

To request a hard-copy application form or for more information, please contact the AAS Substitute Coordinator, Anastasia Osminina, at

* Please make sure to submit your Resume in English.

Updated on March 28, 2017

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