AAS Emergency Plan

AAS Board Policy 6.50 requires the Director to develop an Emergency Plan which will be approved and reviewed annually by the AAS Board of Directors.The AAS Emergency Plan describes guidelines and procedures to be followed should an emergency develop. It has been developed with the safety of our students and staff as the highest priority.

It is necessary that you become familiar with each of the following sections, and pay particular attention to the emergency procedures dealing with fire and security incidents. Security and fire drills will be conducted periodically throughout the school year to help faculty, staff, and students further familiarize themselves with this plan. Please keep this booklet handy for quick reference.



Please click here to download the AAS Emergency Plan.




This emergency plan consists of the following major sections:

Communications – Following the guidelines in this section before, during, and after an incident will serve to calm fears, allay rumors, and strengthen the sense of security. In times of crisis, clear lines of communication will help restore the community’s sense of well-being.  We have multiple systems in place to get information to parents in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Preparations and Procedures, and Drills – In order to be effective in a crisis situation, everyone in the school community must discipline themselves each year to focus on the details of these plans. Being well prepared is the best way to cope with any emergency.

Campus Security and Closure Procedures – The Anglo‐American School has a special responsibility to anticipate political instability and the possible danger that could confront students, teachers, as well as the school’s records. Every situation is unique; however, being familiar with several levels of security precautions and a number of institutional reactions will ensure a clear, organized, and appropriate response.

Psychological Readiness for Emergencies – In times of crisis the measured and compassionate response of the professional staff may make the critical difference between an event that causes widespread emotional trauma, and one that can actually strengthen the individuals within the community.

- Appendices – The manual concludes with a section that provides basic information for faculty and staff. The materials include maps, forms, lists, schedules, and pertinent articles.


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