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Announcement: The new AAS Alumni Portal is now live!

We encourage you to join our alumni community at https://alumni.aas.ru/ to stay connected with other students and faculty. 

Leaving AAS? We are sad to see you go! Please fill out this AAS LEAVERS FORM before you leave AAS Moscow. 

Whether you're living in Moscow, far away in your 'home' country, or somewhere in between, we'd like to help you reconnect to friends, classmates and memories from your time at AAS. Living and learning in Moscow is an extraordinary experience that creates life-long memories. Keep them alive through the AAS Alumni Association!

The AAS Alumni Association

The AAS Alumni Association was established to foster a close relationship among AAS Alumni. It is open to anyone who was ever a part of AAS - whether you are a former student, parent, or faculty member; whether you were here for one year or 13 years - we want to hear from you and to help you stay connected!

Joining the Alumni Association gives you access to the AAS Alumni Directory and the Class Notes section of the AAS website. The Directory (coming soon) will contain contact information for all other members of the Alumni Association. The Class Notes section (also coming soon) is a forum where alumni can post news, updates and other information, and read the postings of other alumni as well.

How to Join

Whether you were at AAS for one or thirteen years, any current or former student and faclutly member can be part of the AAS Alumni Association. Join our alumni community at https://alumni.aas.ru/ and keep your information up-to-date.  

Connect with other Anglo-American School of Moscow Alumni via LinkedIn Education. 

How You Can Help

The AAS Alumni Association is still in the initial stages of development, but we have big dreams! In order to expand the Directory, Class Notes section, and eventually move to the next stage of newsletters, reunions etc, we need your help. Here are some ways in which you can help us expand the AAS alumni network:

- Join our alumni community at https://alumni.aas.ru/ and keep your information up-to-date.
- Email us at  communications@aas.ru with contact information for any former classmates that you are still in touch with. We will never publish an AAS Alumni's information in the directory unless we have contacted them directly and have received permission.
- Contribute to the alumni portal by sharing a story, some photos or a video message with us. 
- Organize an AAS alumni reunion in your area, and post an article about it on our website!
- Consider serving as an Alumni Representative or Class Secretary and play an active role in re-connecting!
- Contact us regarding any of the above, or with any suggestions for expanding and improving the Alumni Association.

We invite you to be a part of our past, present and future by joining the AAS Alumni Association! 

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