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Meeting the Needs of All Learners: Personalized Learning at AAS

When it comes to learning, students at AAS are similar to other children worldwide: some need concrete experiences and others are ready for more complex, open-ended activities; some are passionate about the arts, some about computers, and still others about sport; some prefer to work independently, while others do best when they can discuss their ideas in a group.  Examples of differences could go on and on, which highlights the realization that our students are different from one another.

At AAS, we aim to understand, accept and appreciate our students as they are, and we expect them to become all that they can be.

One of the ways we accomplish personalized learning is through differentiated instruction.  What does ‘differentiated instruction’ mean, exactly? Carol Ann Tomlinson, a leading educational expert, describes differentiation as “… a way of thinking about teaching and learning that advocates beginning where individuals are rather than a prescribed plan of action, which ignores student readiness, interest, and learning profile. It is a way of thinking that challenges how educators typically envision assessment, teaching, learning, classroom roles, use of time, and curriculum.” (Tomlinson, 1999)

How do teachers make the differentiated classroom a reality? This is where coaches at AAS come in.  Coaches across all divisions work directly with teachers in building their capacity to…

- Focus instruction on essential understandings and skills
- Attend to student differences
- View assessment and instruction as inseparable
- Differentiate content, process and product
- Provide all students with respectful tasks that are equally interesting, equally important, and equally engaging
- Collaborate with students in their learning
- Work flexibly with students

While it is no easy task, providing differentiated instruction both aligns and fully supports our Core Values, the essential and enduring tenets that guide all actions at AAS.

Likewise, we appreciate the role that parents play in this partnership of making decisions based on the students’ best interests.  We encourage you to browse the sites that we have linked to this page, and take advantage of the opportunities and resources available.

Online Resources for Student Success

AAS National Honor Society Tutoring Service

The AAS High School National Honor Society offers 1-to-1 tutoring services for Grade 8 - 12 students. SIGN UP HERE. The service provides supplementary aid in the core school subjects like mathematics, sciences and languages, as well as, tests like the SAT or the ACT. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the service if he or she feels the need to have additional support in a class that is challenging or demanding.

International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate Organization - Find out more about the Primary Years and Diploma Programmes! Specific parent resources can be found under the heading of "Information For...” and then clicking “Parents”.

Academic Games

Playopedia - A comprehensive reference network of unique play ideas categorized according to the type of play and hosted at
Playful Learning - Experiences designed for early learners in a variety of academic areas. Other resources available on the Playful Learning home page.
Thinkfinity - Families and kids of all ages will find excellent resources for practice, play, projects and reports on Search for a specific topic, or choose from recommended activities, maps, games, reading lists and homework help. Verizon Foundation partners with leading educational organizations and strategic partners in education to support this website.
MAP Reading - Activities by MAP RIT score for reading.
MAP Math - Activities by MAP RIT score for math.
MAP Reading and Math - Activities by MAP RIT score for reading and math.

Math Games to Promote Fact Acquisition

AAA Math - K-8 Interactive arithmetic lessons.
A Plus Math - K-8 Interactive arithmetic games and worksheets.
CoolMath - K-8 Interactive arithmetic games.
Dimension U - Online multiplayer video games where K-12 students compete and collaborate with other players.
Discovery Education - Brain boosters.
Explore Learning - Interactive online stimulations for grades 3-12.
InterActivate - K-8 interactive arithmetic games and worksheets.
KinderWeb Educational Games - PreK-6 interactive arithmetic games.
Math in Daily Life - Cooking by numbers (metric recipes).
MathDL - Links to math news, events, and free game sites.
Math Cats Tessellation Town - Tessellation activities.

Student Resources

Khan Academy - A non-profit with the mission of providing a world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Over 1,800 videos on math, science, humanities, economics, and other subjects are available. They also have quick tutorials for all kinds of topics! - A for-profit 24/7 online tutoring service for students.
It's My Life - On this interactive website funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, young adolescents (9-12) can read articles, share stories, play games, take quizzes and polls, watch video clips of peers talking about various issues, and contribute comments and questions.
Project Gutenberg - Free E-books: Project Gutenberg offers more than 33,000 free electronic books that can be downloaded and read on a computer, iPhone, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPad, Android, or other portable devices.
Figment - Like Facebook for aspiring writers – students can share their work with readers around the world. After creating a free Figment profile, students can post original short stories, poems, and novels for their classmates and others to read and review. Figment also has excerpts from new books, interviews with authors, writing contests, and discussions. Before each piece of writing is an estimate of how many minutes it will take to read.

Assessment Connections

Northwest Evaluation Association - AAS students take the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test twice a year from grade 2 through 8 in math, science, reading, an language usage. Find more information and ways to support your young learner at the Northwest Evaluation Association.

Talk about Education

TED: Ideas Worth Sharing - Over 100 TED talks are education-related. All of the talks are a way of learning about the world and ideas! In particular, check out:
- Adora Svitak: What Adults Can Learn From Kids
- Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution
- Sugatra Mitra: The Child-Driven Education
Curriculum Matters - Veteran Education Week reporters, Catherine Gewertz and Erik Robelen, bring you news and analysis of issues at the core of classroom learning.
Class Struggle - Jay Matthew is an author, education reporter and online columnist for The Washington Post.
The Tech Savvy Educator - A practical guide for integrating technology in the classroom.
Weblogg-ed - This site is dedicated to discussions and reflections on the use of Web blogs, wikis, RSS, audio casts and other Read/Write Web related technologies in the K-12 realm.
ASCD Lexicon of Learning - Ever wondered what educators mean when they refer to "authentic assessment" or "Bloom's Taxonomy"? Education, like all professions, has a specialized vocabulary that parents and others may have a difficult time understanding. This online dictionary, A Lexicon of Learning, provides clear definitions of educational terms in everyday language.

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