Personalized Learning

Personalized learning experts William and Ochan Powell met with AAS parents in 2012 for a presentation titled “Knowing our Children: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence to School Success." Please read the Powells' slideshow and watch a video of their presentation, which addressed the following issues:

How does my child learn best? What are the conditions under which my son does his best work? What have I noticed about my daughter’s concentration span? What does my son pay attention to? Or perhaps more importantly, what does he not pay attention to? What do parents need to know about their children in order to support their cognitive growth? How can parents come to know their children as learners?

As we come to understand more about human intelligence, the links between cognition and emotion, and the way the brain works, it becomes more and more important that parents engage in a systematic exploration of their children as learners. Ochan and William Powell proposed four dimensions of learner identity that support children’s learning and success in school. They suggested that our perceptions of childhood profoundly influence our parenting behavior. 

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please read the article "Planning for Personalization" by Ochan and William Powell. The Powells' book, “Making the Difference: Differentiation in International Schools”, is available for checkout in the library. 

Personalized Learning Interviews

In the Dispatch newsletter, we profiled an exemplary AAS teacher each month and asked them about the ways they approach personalized learning in their classroom. Please follow the links below to read our interviews.

Ms. Irena Sheina, MS Russian
Mr. Rick Olson, ES Learning Resources
Ms. Laurie Bartels, ES Grade 4
Mr. Ryan Brown, MS Math and Science
Ms. Julie Rogers, HS Math Head of Department
Ms. Kirsten Baldwin, MS Math

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AAS Guests: Bill & Ochan Powell from AAS Moscow on Vimeo.

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