Curriculum Standards and Benchmarks

The Anglo-American School of Moscow is working continuously to create learning opportunities for all students using best research and practice. At AAS, we use Canadian, American and British curriculum and standards as references for our curriculum development. Being internationally minded, we also look to other places in the world that are noteworthy for their educational achievements.

As our curriculum is dynamic, responding to new research and discovery in the 21st century, the standards and benchmarks are examined regularly and amended as we also grow in our knowledge of student learning.  In each of our school’s divisions, teachers and administrators are working to establish better systems for collecting, analyzing and using data to inform curriculum and instruction at AAS.

The AAS standards and benchmarks outline what each student should know and be able to do in each subject area.  The benchmarks provide the specific content and skills, at given points during a student’s education, which will be assessed to determine their progress toward the standard. In order to help students meet the standards and benchmarks, AAS teachers collaborate to design unit plans that lead to rich learning experiences that foster deep, meaningful understanding for all.

Please read our curriculum overview for parents. Please visit the following links to review our curriculum standards.

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World Languages

Physical Education

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Theatre Arts

ICT 21st Century Skills   

Pre-K Continuums

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