English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program

The Anglo-American School of Moscow is an international school with a diverse population.  Its English Language Learners (ELLs) are an important and integral part of the educational community. English language teaching is approached from the perspective that students need language to communicate and language for academic purposes. Therefore, AAS mainstream teachers and the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department implement a sheltered immersion model to support ELLs when necessary. "Sheltered" means that ELLs are supported by direct and indirect services by an EAL specialist. "Immersion" means that ELLs and their proficient peers are educated in the same room.

Students are immersed among their peers and attend the same classes as their English-proficient classmates in Pre-K - Grade 8.  In Grades 9 and 10, ELLs participate in sheltered content classes for English and Social Studies.  The sheltered immersion model of support for ELLs relies heavily on collaboration among EAL specialists and classroom/subject area teachers. This is a collaborative model involving synergy among all teachers and students. Overall, AAS's EAL program ensure that English Language Learners have equal access to the curriculum.

The EAL Specialists work in collaboration with mainstream teachers to ensure students can understand the language and the content of the classroom, as well as participate in classroom activities.  The Department also offers before-and-after-school support when needed. Please read our EAL Program Guide or our EAL and Inclusion Parent Presentation for more information about the Department.

Learn more about AAS's Mother Language Program, an after-school program that helps bilingual students develop communications skills in their native language. 

EAL Mission Statement

Our mission is to help students develop English language skills, cultural awareness and learning strategies which will enable them to become successful learners and positive contributors to the wider community in which they live.

Assessment and Monitoring

The ELL student will be assessed prior to entry to the school for placement, then bi-annually for progress or exit from the program.  The EAL Department uses a variety of standardized, formative and summative assessments for diagnostic purposes and to establish exit criteria.

Direct Services

Direct services in which the EAL Specialists have contact with the children depends on the needs of the students. Direct contact may take the following forms:

- In-class support
- Small group instruction
- Co-teaching with classroom/subject area teacher when able to do so
- Parallel teaching
- Pull-out instruction when needed
- Before and after school support when arranged with teacher
- Administering assessments as needed

Indirect Services

Indirect services by the EAL Specialists include:

- Planning differentiated lessons with classroom/subject area teachers
- Developing curricular support via front loading (preview) assignments to be completed in their mother tongue. Front loading curricular content, concepts and key vocabulary in advance gives students from non-English speaking backgrounds a solid chance to follow the lessons and develop the much needed conceptual understandings required of a complex and demanding curriculum. Students are better able to follow the instruction in English as opposed to being weighed down with the academic vocabulary and trying to process new concepts.
- Providing teacher/parent workshops and support
- Administer standardized assessments for admissions placement and progress evaluation
- Schedule and plan support for teaching assistants
- Provide in-services on sheltered instruction and the SIOP Model for teachers and teaching assistants

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