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Meet the School Counselor  

Frank J. Becvar was born in Chicago, IL (USA) and worked in the Chicago area for several years before venturing out into the world of international education. Since departing the USA, he has worked as a school counselor and psychologist at international schools in Venezuela, Indonesia, Hungary, Panama, Colombia, and now, Russia. Frank is eclectic in his approach to helping students remove life’s obstacles and supporting them to be well-rounded, global citizens. 

What does School Counseling look like at the Elementary School level?

During the Elementary School years, Frank works alongside teachers to develop students’ understanding of themselves and their relationships with others. Elementary School counselors appreciate that a sense of belonging, self-efficacy, and healthy self-esteem are central to a student’s success in this time period. To this end, Frank offers a number of programs and services designed to accompany students in their growth process including:

  • providing orientation assistance to new students and families;
  • providing transitions services to departing students and families;
  • facilitating the new Student Buddy Program;
  • ensuring individual and group counseling opportunities for students;
  • providing Counselor in the Classroom lessons to students at various times during the school year;
  • supporting consultation and liaison between teachers and parents;
  • ensuring crisis intervention when required;
  • referring  students to community support services;
  • parent workshops and book clubs on various areas of child development;
  • psycho-educational assessment for students who demonstrate learning and/or emotional/behavioral issues.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Frank if you have any questions or concerns. He can be contacted at:

Phone: 8 921 320 8925, Ext. 15142


Documents from Your School Counselor

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