Can anyone attend the Coffees and General Meetings?

Yes! All parents and faculty are welcome! Please join us! We usually meet at 8:45 on the third Tuesday of every month in the South Cafeteria. We have coffee and socialize and then members of the PTO and administration speak. It is a great way to find out what is going on at the school and get to know other parents and faculty. Watch the Dispatch, the division newsletters, and the PTO bulletin board located in the student lounge outside the cafeterias for reminders.

If I miss a meeting, where can I find out what happened?

Minutes of all general meetings are posted on the website at and on the PTO bulletin board located in the student lounge outside the cafeterias. Please watch the AAS website, Dispatch and division newsletters for information about events.

I understand The Exchange runs a Used Book Swap, but I don’t have any room for more books!

Give the used books to us!! Bring in any of your used books to the library or The Exchange and swap them for swap tickets! Please visit

What is the Kids Craft Fair? Can I help?

The Kids Craft Fair is a workshop with lots of crafts for children to paint and decorate! It is a great opportunity for them to make holiday gifts for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles… It is at the school and tickets are sold to pay for the cost of the crafts. There are a number of work days leading up to the event where parents can help ready the crafts for the children to decorate. Also, parents are needed on the day of the workshop to supervise the various craft tables. Please watch your Newsletters for more information! It is great family event and a fun way to get involved!

I love to give my children books for the holidays but don’t have any way to buy them here! What can I do?

We have your answer: the AAS New Book Fair! Event Coordinators have ordered a selection of books for all ages written by a wide range of exciting authors from all over the world! Mark your calendars and don’t miss this chance to stock up on books before Christmas! Please watch the newsletters and the PTO bulletin board for reminders about the Book Fair.

Is the PTO Store for profit?

No! It is run by the PTO for the benefit of the AAS community, and money is raised to fund the store and nothing else. It is run entirely by volunteers. Accordingly, if it is not open, that means we have no one to work at that time and we ask for your understanding. If you would like to help, please contact Kristina Tadic at

I need to buy Russian souvenirs for people to take home for the holidays, but I don’t have time to go to Izmailovo! Help!

Come to the Russian Artisan Fair which takes place towards the end of November. Artisans from Moscow and the surrounding area will be there selling their goods. It is a great opportunity to get a start on your holiday shopping!

When is the next PTO General Meeting?

8:45 on the third Tuesday of every month in the South Cafeteria. Please click here for a list of meeting dates.

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