The Middle School Curriculum

The basic curriculum for all Middle School students includes English language, science, mathematics, and social studies. In addition, classes in art, music (either instrumental or vocal), physical and health education, technology, theatre arts, electives and advisory are required of all students. Russian, French, or Spanish is also a required as a world language course, except for students enrolled as beginners in our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program. We follow the Common Core State Standards for the Middle School mathematics and language arts curriculum.

The traditional subjects of English and Social Studies are combined into one course, "Humanities," which forms one of the major building blocks of the Middle School student’s schedule. In this class, broad areas of inquiry in the subjects of history, economics, sociology and geography often form the basis for continued study and improvement of the traditional areas of Language Arts: reading and literature, writing, and public speaking.

As an international community in line with current educational thought, we strive to provide an education that combines the acquisition of relevant skills, knowledge, attitudes and values. This philosophy is reflected in our AAS Standards and Benchmarks. Please visit our Curriculum Standards page for a full description of our academic standards in all subjects and grades.

Standards are broad statements of what students should know and be able to do. Different types of Standards address various aspects important to learning. 

- Standards give a sense of direction, and with our Standards, we know which direction we are headed and what we and our students ought to be accomplishing.
- Standards clearly tell the teacher where the instruction should be headed. It creates an atmosphere of conversation in the classroom between the teachers and students on what the level of expectation is. For the Principal, it is easy to know where the teacher's instruction should be focused.

- are developmentally appropriate components of Standards;
- state the knowledge and skills to be acquired by the end of that grade or group of grades; and
- are assessed and reported.

Benchmarks are the expected level of skill or understanding (related to a Standard) at a given grade level.  Simply, Benchmarks explain how students demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Assessment, Grading, and Reporting with Standards

Please visit our Assessment and Grading pages to learn more about the Middle School's philosophies and practices.

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