Advisory Overview

Students will attend Advisory on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of every week for a 30-minute period.  The mission of the High School Advisory Program is to facilitate each student’s successful transition into, through and out of High School.  Advisory activities correspond with the standards and benchmarks set forth by the International School Counselors Association, and fall under four domains: Academic Development, Career Development, Personal/Social Development, and Global Perspective Development.

By establishing a clear curriculum that focuses on self-awareness, skill-based practicalities, character development and relationship building, all students will:

  1. Be known well by one or more adults.
  2. Develop a genuine understanding of their identity as a  university-ready student.
  3. Assess, demonstrate and communicate their skills and potential as it relates to post-secondary endeavors.
  4. Develop and fine tune the skills of research, discernment, decision making and problem solving outside of specific subject areas and in relation to their own lives.
  5. Be aware of their role as a community member and their obligation to community service.
  6. Understand the importance of digital citizenship and evaluate their own digital footprint.
  7. Be aware of and prepared for the expectations of universities and careers.
  8. Be given the opportunity to develop practical life skills.

At the end of four years, each student will have engaged in activities that aid them in their high school journey of self-awareness and self-development. These activities include tasks on the online platform, BridgeU, that guide the process of searching for universities or colleges that are the right fit for each individual. The advisory program is delivered by the Grade Level Leaders and Advisors with the support of the counseling staff and administrators.

Meet the Grade Level Leaders


Grade 9

Leslie Schenk, IB English Language and Literature

I would like to welcome you and your child to high school and the grade 9 advisory program. This year, we will be concentrating on helping your child successfully transition into high school at AAS. We will provide students with resources and strategies to become involved in the school community and stay focused and organized in their classes. All students will participate in two local service projects through advisory this school year. They will serve food to pensioners and help at a community clothing center. The grade 9 advisors and I look forward to an excellent school year and ensuring your child has a smooth, and fully supported, transition into high school.



Grade 10

Andrew Wiese, IB Economics

Welcome to Grade 10! This year we will be helping students, both new and returning, to prepare for their upcoming IB Diploma Programme. Our focus for this year is to ask three questions. “Where have I been as a learner?” “Where am I now as a learner?” and “Where do I want to be in the future as a learner?” We will be working with students on recognizing their academic strengths and weaknesses while also helping students learn more about what they are looking to study in the Diploma Programme next year. We will participate in activities that will help students begin their preparation for the next two years so that students will be ready to choose their Grade 11 & 12 classes in the spring of this school year. Our community service project this year will have us visiting Nastenka, a children’s cancer hospital in southern Moscow. We will plan games and activities for the students to use with the patients at the hospital. This has been a very successful community-based initiative in the past and I am excited for students to get the opportunity to experience this again this school year. I, alongside the Grade 10 advisors, am looking forward to this being a great school year. 



Grade 11

Adam Collins, IB Economics and IB Business Management

This 2018-2019 academic year will be the fourth in which I have led the Grade 11 Advisory Program.  Grade 11 is a greatly significant year as this marks the formal beginning of the International Baccalaureate program.  Accordingly, the Grade 11 Advisory is designed to provide guidance and aid to the students in completing the components of the IB program, including the CAS system, Extended Essay, and the expectations of the IB program overall.  Significant time is allotted for the University selection and application process, including collecting recommendations, writing personal statements, and preparing resumes/CVs.  This ambitious agenda will be implemented by the Grade 11 Advisors who are committed to helping the grade 11 students achieve the success they seek.


Grade 12

Alicia Sonderman, HS Learning Support

The mission of the advisory group is foremost to see the Grade 12 students achieve their maximum potential and prepare them for their future pursuits. In order to achieve this, the Grade 12 advisors work with the counselors, DP Coordinator, and the CAS Coordinator to ensure that the students are completing the requirements for both graduation and the IB Diploma, as applicable.  In this regard, senior year is perhaps the most rigorous and demanding year of their education and my job as the Grade Level Leader is to help the students meet their obligations with minimal stress and at the same time enjoy their senior year. While I may be new to the role at AAS for the 2018-2019 school year, I am not new to the pressures that the students are facing as I have helped many students, including my own daughter, to successfully navigate through this process with favorable outcomes in both their IB results and in their university acceptances.

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