Elementary School Supplies

Supplies and Textbooks

The Elementary School furnishes all classroom supplies and textbooks. To protect books and materials from bad weather, students should have a book bag or satchel of some kind in which to carry their supplies to and from school. Flight bags and backpacks are excellent for this purpose.

Physical Education

Students are expected to come to school with the following items in order to be properly prepared to participate in Physical Education classes. ES students are expected to wear the standard school P.E. t-shirt (which can be purchased in the PTO Shop) and black shorts and/or sweat pants (track pants). 

Please note that on days when they have P.E. in their schedule, Elementary School students should wear their P.E. uniform all day. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students have P.E. three times a week; all other grades have P.E. twice a week.

- Inside Wear: Shorts (sweatpants may be more appropriate in winter), T-shirt, socks and non-marking gym shoes. It is essential for children to wear gym shoes because having bare feet is dangerous during sport activities.

- Swimming: Swimming is an essential part of the P. E. program and is also part of our after-school activities program. Girls' swimsuits should be one piece.  Boys' swim suits MUST NOT be Bermuda or any make of shorts that are baggy.  Swim caps should be the silicone type; regular thin, rubber caps are uncomfortable and do not last very long. Children will also need a towel and bag to carry items to and from the pool.

- Outside Wear: Sweatshirt, sweatpants and athletic shoes suitable for outdoor activity.  Appropriate attire for outdoor winter sports consists of heavy warm clothing. All protective clothing and equipment (shin pads, elbow pads, helmets, etc.) are provided by the school. Sweat suits with the school emblem are sold in the fall but may not be available in time for fall outdoor sports. It is therefore advisable to bring sweat clothes if possible.

Skating is an essential part of the P. E. program and is also part of our after-school activities program.

For safety reasons we ask that either you or your child remove all jewelry before P.E. classes.

If you are unable to comply with this, please notify the ES Principal in writing.

Essential for Life in Moscow and the Elementary School

In case your shipment is significantly delayed, please consider packing these items in your luggage as you may need them within the first months of school.

- Indoor shoes to wear at school
- Rain/snow boots
- Snow suits, especially pants
- Gloves, mittens and hats
- Waterproof backpack or school bag
- P.E. clothes (see P.E. Section above)
- Ice skates 

Recommended Supplies

- Thermos - for hot foods if you want to supply your own lunch
- Thermos or waterproof drink container - if you don't want to buy juice/milk boxes       
- Art supplies for home projects (while many supplies are available in Moscow, there might be some personal favorites you want to bring from home)

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