ES Counseling at AAS

Welcome to the AAS Elementary School! We are here to assist you and your children in any way we can with personal, social and educational growth.

Meet our ES counselors below and learn more about the work we do to support students and parents. You can also find a list of additional resources HERE

Meet the Counselors

ES Counselor Sharon Ronan   

Sharon Ronan
Grade Kindergarten – Grade Two Counselor

Trinity International University, MA in Counseling Psychology


I enjoy being a support to students, families and teachers in helping each student achieve their personal best in every aspect of life including academic, social, physical, emotional and personal growth. I can help students in any areas of struggle including adjusting to school, adjusting to a new community, friendship issues and learning challenges as well as other issues that children face.

Along with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, I also hold a Bacherlor’s of Science in Secondary Education, English and Home Economics. After nearly 25 years of living in Japan, I began working with families in Michigan for nine years in a home-based counseling program for children with intense needs. I also have experience working with children in foster care settings as well as additional training in addiction treatment and clinical supervision. I have met with students, families, teachers and school staff to develop plans for maximum student success for over ten years. I have also been a teacher in children’s ministries, camps, and teen leader.

ES Counselor Donna Hinton   

Donna Hinton
Grades 3-5 Counselor

University at Buffalo, MEd: School Counseling


I love being a support to students, families and teachers in promoting students' character development and in encouraging students to meet their personal, social and academic potential. I can assist students with friendship issues, managing anxiety, frustration and stress as well as other social and emotional issues children may face.

Along with a Bachelor of Religious Education and a Post Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education, I hold a Masters of Education in School Counseling from University at Buffalo, SUNY. I have more than 18 years of experience as an elementary classroom teacher and counselor in Canada, Scotland, South Korea, and most recently in Singapore. I also have experience in community counseling as a residential counselor and day program coordinator for children and young adults with disabilities in Ontario. I have been a hospital chaplaincy coordinator, a youth and camp counselor, and a volunteer youth pastor. 

What do the Elementary School Counselors Do?

Help students:

Find solutions to their personal and school concerns.
Adjust to a new school.
Achieve more in school.
Develop new skills in problem solving, communicating, and getting along with others.

Assist teachers in:

Understanding and meeting individual student learning, behavioral and social needs.
Providing guidance and counseling services for students.
Finding special help for students, when it's needed.
Planning units of study with preventative, personal/social themes that tie into the Units of Inquiry.
Tying the “Personal, Social and Physical Education” (PSPE) aspect of the PYP into all areas of learning.

Work with parents to:

Coordinate the efforts of home and school.
Discuss student progress in school.
Provide a link between families and community agencies when necessary.
Conduct parent conferences and parent education programs.

How do Ms. Hinton and Ms. Ronan do it?

Consulting regularly with members of the school staff.
Conferencing with parents about their children.
Teaching individual lessons or units of study in the classroom that deal with guidance topics.
Conducting discussions groups with parents on topics of common interest.
When needed, conducts individual assessments of children and youth in the areas of personal social adjustment, academic achievement, learning aptitudes, self help skills, and physical and motor development.
Providing guidance and counseling services for students.
Finding special help for students when it's needed.

Where can you find the counselors?

Ms. Hinton is in room 2130 and Ms. Ronan is in room 2131. Both are close to the Elementary School Office, next to the Elementary School Cafeteria, on the second floor near the main stairwell.

Appointments for Parents and Students

Please feel free to stop in or email to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child's school progress or personal development. Students may request counseling themselves or may be referred by parents or teachers.

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